About Us

Soltec (Ireland) Ltd is a multi award winning Guaranteed Irish hazardous waste management facility based in Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. It has a core competency in the management of hazardous solvent and solid waste treatment.

Soltec operates a number of solvent recovery distillation units on-site which recover waste solvents into usable solvents and solvent mixes. The main products produced are Standard Thinners, Premium Thinners, Engineering degreasing fluids and a number of technical grade solvents such as IPA, Heptane and Acetone.

Soltec offers a competitive ‘toll’ recovery option. This allows customers producing quantities of waste solvent to have them recovered and reuse them at a fraction of the cost of virgin solvents.

Soltec operate a ‘transfer station’ for the movement of hazardous solid waste such as contaminated PPE, rages, empty containers and used filters.