Waste Treatment

Soltec (Ireland)Ltd offer its customers a verity of waste treatment options for solvent and solid hazardous waste streams.

Solvent recovery through distillation is carried out on-site and its Ireland only distillation facility accepting waste solvent. Solid waste and waste unsuitable for distillation are stored and bulked up for treatment abroad in appropriate facilities which have been approved by Soltec, its customers and the EPA.

Soltec operates a number of solvent recovery distillation units on-site which recover waste solvents into usable solvents and solvent mixes. The main products produced are Standard Thinners, Premium Thinners, Engineering degreasing fluids and a number of technical grade solvents such as IPA, Heptane and Acetone.

Soltec offers a competitive ‘toll’ recovery option. This allows customers producing quantities of waste solvent to have them recovered and reuse them at a fraction of the cost of virgin solvents.

Soltec operate a ‘transfer station’ for the movement of hazardous solid waste such as contaminated PPE, rages, empty containers and used filters.

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