Traceability & Client Login (SWT)

Traceability of waste from the site of generation to the final site of destruction is of paramount importance to Soltec and its customers. Waste is tracked using GPS fitted lorries to the exact location of any shipment at any time. Each item of waste is given a unique tracking code to which it can identify the waste generator, waste type and location.

All waste which is collected is done so in accordance with national and international regulations and legislation, waste is treated and reported on using best internationally recognised methods. Every shipment of waste is recorded in the Soltec Waste Tracker SWT and can provide customers with live status reports by using the below login button.

When waste is accepted into a waste treatment facility an acceptance report is available instantly using the client login below. Certificates of destruction are also available from the client login below.

Waste is treated at Soltec, Customer and EPA approved facilities only. Soltec will declare the waste treatment technology and location of treatment before waste is collected at the site of generation.

Current and potential customers are encouraged to visit Soltec to carry out a site visit and audit. Please email to book a visit.

Please use the login button below to access your waste records, if a password has not been sent please email

Please also see the SWT video link below:

Soltec Waste Tracker SWT Instructional Video

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